Since a couple of years I collect pictures of cars that are intentionally or unintentionally in two (or more) colors. I found out that there are more than 200 people in the world who have pictures of two tone cars (there is no word for it in Dutch or German as far as I know). There meeting is here. Later I found people who collect ‘odd panel cars’.

In a way it is disappointing: again we see 90% of it is well maintained, polished, cute designed cars. Often expensive sport cars, with a dark hood, and red or silver sides. It is not were I am interested in.

I am only focused on the accidental two tones. Because somebody changed a bodypart and doesn’t want to spend the money on painting it over. Almost All of these cars are old, and worth almost nothing. People regard it as ugly. as something that is unintentional and must be avoided.

I think unintentional 2 coloured cars show us the beauty of coincidence. As an (industrial) designer I like the rare detailing that comes out. You can see details and shapes you didn’t existed on the car.

I only once owned one: A red Matra Racho, with 2 green doors. I was in love with it. There is only one way to get pictures: click them in the streets, really collect them. Please help me with this collection so we can publish or show in a gallery, museum or book. Our meeting place is here.