This morning I had to fill out a form, asking the simple question ‘Beruf Vater?’ (‘Father’s profession?’). 7 centimeters of space were provided for the answer. I apologize for not being able to answer with just one word.  I will need about 321. Closest would be ‘Designer’. 

I studied product Design for public space, and am therefore officially qualified as a Designer for public space. I write and publish about design and therefore often call myself a journalist. Most of my journalism is oral: it comes in the context of moderating or interviewing on stage. That makes me a moderator and public speaker. 

I teach in various design schools in Europe (School of Form, Poznan, Design Academy, Inside KABK- The Hague). I have been guest professor in both Berlin design schools 

Between 2002 and 2006 I was dean of an architecture school (RAVB). I taught architecture students even when I was studying design. So that makes me an teacher. 

I founded an office that worked in the fields of design and architecture. Where my companion (Ton Matton) did most of the city planning, I was more involved in the art world. I hardly made any autonomous artworks, but I was very often called artist. I have been making maps for a long time (mostly world maps). I know quite a bit about world projections, so I must be a cartographer. 

In my time at the design institute Premsela (1998-2002) I was a program manager. When I later founded a design platform (dpfr) and a design Master course we called ourselves initiators.

I coach people in public speaking and moderating, so I am a coach as well.

Recently I started getting more involved in innovation and Web 2.0. As if it were my fate, this led to another professional description. Recently I was introduced as a web 2-specialist.

In recent times it has become much more normal to have more than one profession. In Twitter biographies people often call themselves: serial entrepreneur, designer, social media expert and DJ.